21,22 May 2022 & 18,19 June 2022 

Guided kayak/canoe adventure


Join our 2 day kayak/canoe adventure on the River Garam between Nagyod (Vyšné nad Hronom in Slovakian and Lekér (Hronovce in Slovakian). The Garam is a  lesser known, exciting, clear watered river with minor rapids that flows entirely in Slovakia  before reaching the Danube below Esztergom.

We will discover the rapids above Garamszentgyorgy (Jur nad Hronom in Slovakian) and we will cross the  kayak route over the Zseliz (Zelezovce in Slovakian)  water station that will be opened  specially for our group. 

DATE: 21, 22 May 2022. & 18,19 June 2022

DIFFICULTY: 4/5. Requires experience in paddling, skillfulness and courage. Flip-overs may happen on the rapids. Do not choose this program if you are a beginner in kayaking!


The basecamp of the tour is Camping Vodnik in Garamszentgyorgy (Jur nad Hronom in Slovakian). GPS is here.

The programme will start and end in the camping on both days. We will transport both the kayaks and the participants between the end points of the daily tours and the camping. 

We will spend the night in tents or in simple bungalows. Proper WC and hot water shower is available. 

The food will be prepared by our camp cook on an open fire from fresh local ingredients.

PRICE:  30,000 HUF. The price includes the tour guide, daily camp usage with a tent plot, 1 x dinner, 1 x breakfast, 1 x lunch.

We will then send a confirmation e-mail and the bank account details where the full amount of application fee plus the rental fee of the boat and tent  – if any – are to be transferred. Application is complete when these fees are transferred and we have acknowledged safe receipt.


KAYAKS/CANOES: You can rent our Polyethilene kayaks or canoes – limited availability, or bring your own boat. Do not bring fibreglass boats as these could break over the rocks and rapids.
Our kayaks and canoes:
Prijon 430 1 prs tour kayak for – 9,000 HUF
Prijon 470 2 prs tour kayak – 13,000 HUF
RTM Ocean Quattro 2 prs super steady tour kayak – 13,000 HUF
ROTO Canadier4 4 prs canoe (offered for 2-3 prs) – 14,500 HUF
These prices are for the whole program and include all the necessary accessories (padel, life jacket, helmet, rope, sponge) and transportation of the kayaks.

Transportation of own boat from Zebegény to Garamszentgyörgy and back
2,500 HUF / 1 prs kayak
3,500 HUF / 2 prs kayak or canoe

ACCOMODATION (NEW TEXT HERE) CAMP FEES are included in the price, WC and hot water shower (pay as you use) is available. The participant will bring a tent or can rent a bed in bungalow ore our own tents and mats.
We give you 3 and 4 person tents with mats. Tent rental is HUF 2,000 / tent 

Bungalow are simple, those are only for sleeping. They have beds. Bring your own sleeping bag. There are two type of bungalows. One is for 8 prs (4×2), other is for 4 prs (with bunk beds) Rental fee 2,500 Ft / prs

FOOD: Filling hot dinner made on the open camp-fire on the first night, Slovakian style breakfast  and lunch on the second day are included in the price on tables and benches with proper cutlery. We cook very well using fresh, local ingredients.

TOUR GUIDE: Máté Endre, manager at DEPO-Z, 18 times Ironman, expert on the River Garam.

TRAVEL to  Garamszentgyörgy  (Jur nad Hronom) individually by car, or we can arrange a transfer from and to Zebegény for 2,500 Ft / trip 

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: minimum 6, maximum 16 persons.

Helmet, life vests, insurance:
It is obligatory to use helmet and life vest while paddling over the rapids. We will provide those for the kayaks and canoes rented from us. Please bring your own helmet and life vest if you take your own boat. If you do not have one you can rent from us for HUF 1,000 / day. Prior to setting off you will have to sign a document that you participate on your own risk, you are in a suitable mental and phisical condition for the adventure, that you will follow the rules and regulations according to the tourguide`s instructions and the itinery provided. Also you need to have a health insurance that is valid in Slovakia as well.
Littering and harming nature is forbidden: Organisers will not use plastic utensils and bottles. Bring your own water bottle that we refill. The amount of litter must be zero or minimum. Litter collected during the day must be transported to the end point and sorted where the organiser will collect and recycle.
Fishermen: We love fishermen, we greet them, and we avoid their fishing lines.

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+36 20 4695688 Endre Máté


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