100 km, 22 hours time limit, 2 days


Complete our two-day marathon on water! Challenge yourself to conquer the natural and man-made obstacles of the beautiful River Ipoly. We recommend this programme for people who are athletic and highly experienced paddlers.
1: 12, 13 June 2021. Saturday, Sunday (The programme starts on 11 June  evening)
2: 19, 20 June 2021. Saturday, Sunday (The programme starts on 18 June  evening)
3: 26, 27 June 2021. Saturday, Sunday (The programme starts on 25 June  evening)

Route and distance: 100 km paddling on the  River Ipoly, from Balassagyarmat to Szob, the Ipoly estuary
Difficulty:  5 out of 5 – we recommend only to those who seek an extreme challenge

Situated on the border between Slovakia and Hungary, the River Ipoly is rich in natural beauty as well as obstacles. This challenge requires you to be athletic with above-average stamina, ability and problem-solving skills.
You can enter individually or with a team, with a single or multi-seat kayak, or a canoe. You may bring your own boat or rent one from us (limited availability).
Food and accommodation is available in comfortable campsites along the river. All participants who finish the course within the permitted time receive a medal and a certificate of completion. The overall winner receives a cup.
The maximum number of participants is 25, as the course runs through a national park and Ramsar territory. The minimum number of participants is 10 people.

ENTRANCE FEE is HUF 24,000 per person
2019. & 2020. Ipoly Grand Prix finishers get 10% discount from the entrance fee.


The entrance fee includes the following:

  • Personnel: a safety kayaker at the rear, the driver of the DEPO-Z minivan equipped with first aid kit and safety equipment and a time-keeper who acts as jury
  • A medal and a certificate of completion for everyone who finishes the course within the permitted time.
  • A cup for the overall winner.
  • Itinerary:  a laminated waterproof info-sheet with all details, important landmarks and distances
  • Accommodation at comfortable campsites along the river for Friday and Saturday nights.  Toilet, washing option in cold water, benches and tables, campfire. Tents can be rented for an extra fee.
  • Transport of personal luggage during the programme to all locations along the route from the start point.
  • Four meals: Cooked dinners on Friday and Saturday, breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Daily car transfer to the supermarkets near the camps.

For extra fee:

  • we rent kayaks, canoes with all necessary equipment and transport
  • tent rental
  • we transport your own boats from Zebegény to Balassagyarmat before the tour and from Szob to Zebegény at the end.

Depending on COVID restrictions at the time (especially whether the Hungarian-Slovakian border will be open or not) we may need to modify the  programme. However we will keep the distance and location: 100 kms paddling on the River Ipoly and adjust the programme accordingly. 

The man behind the idea and the organiser of this event is Endre Máté, 18 times Ironman.
Non-Hungarians are welcome to join. We speak Hungarian, English and Russian.
Please feel free to call us on +36 20 469 5688 (Endre)  or on +36 30 9626713 (Maruska) for further information, or if you have questions.


Day 0.

  • 17:00 Arrival to the Ipoly bridge in Balassagyarmat (Hungary) individually. Setting camp, registration. Direct public bus transfer is available from Budapest Újpest Városkapu to Balassagyarmat campsite (1.5 hours).
  • 19:00 Hot dinner
  • 19:30 Briefing: briefing of information, advice, questions, rules concerning Day 1 and the challenge in general. Draw to determine the starting order of the boats.

Day 1.

  • 6:00 Wake-up.
  • 7:00 Breakfast.
  • 7:00 Last check-in. End of registration.
  • 7:30 START of the first boat. Boats will start at 3 minute intervals.
  • From 15:00 Boats arrive at Day 1 campsite: Ipolyvisk (Vyskovce nad Iplom).
  • 18:30 Hot dinner.
  • 19:30 Briefing: Announcement of first day`s results, preparation for second day.

Day 2.

  • 6:00 Wake-up, breakfast.
  • 7:30 Start of the first boat. Boats will start in reverse order from Day 1 positions (the slowest boat starts first, the quickest boat starts last); boats will start at five minute intervals.
  • 8:30 Start of the last boat. Start after 8:30 is not possible as we cannot guarantee to finish the day before it gets dark.
  • From 14:00 Arrivals at the FINISH.  FINISH is the estuary line of the Ipoly to the Danube. From there a gentle 500 metre paddle to Szob (Hungary) on the Danube.
  • Up to 18:00 Relax. Small buffet on the beach and a shower at Szob campsite is available
  • 18:00 PRIZE GIVING CEREMONY at Szob Danube bank.

Direct train transfer from Szob station to Budapest Nyugati: circa 1 hour.

Kayaks, Canoes

Rental fee includes transport, the necessary amount of paddles, lifejackets, waterproof bags or barrels for the entire programme. The kayaks and canoes below can be rented from us.  Clicking on the link you can check the specifications.
– Prijon CL 430 basic 1 prs kayak Rental fee: HUF 8,000 – no container but drybag
– ROTO BURAN, 1 prs kayak Rental fee: HUF 8,000
Prijon CL 470 basic 2 prs kayak Rental fee: HUF 11,000 – no container but drybag
Prijon CL 490 basic 2 prs  kayak Rental fee: HUF 11,000 – no container but drybag
ROTO VIKING, 3 prs canoe  Rental fee: HUF 11,000
ROTO CANADIER4, 4 prs canoe Rental fee: HUF 13,500
More info and pictures in ROTO catalogue.

Personal boats
We can transport personal boats and equipment from Zebegeny to Balassagyarmat before the tour and from Szob to Zebegeny after the tour for:
– HUF 2,000 / 1 prs kayak
– HUF 3,500 / 2 prs kayak or canoe
If you want to bring your own boat you need to deliver it to DEPO-Z base in Zebegeny latest at 12:00 on Friday before the event.

Every participant can decide what boat to use on the course. Considering the nature of the Ipoly – the rapids and obstacles – we suggest using polyethylene boats, one or two person kayaks. Traditional fibreglass boats can be easily damaged on this course. However, you can complete the challenge using a fibreglass boat but management of these boats requires much more care over rapids and obstacles. The organisers accept no liability for damage to personal equipment

Accomodation, transportation of luggage and catering

Two nights on the riverbank in a comfortable campsite. We will provide a simple nature friendly toilet, washing room with cold water and kitchen/dining facilities. Using the camp is included in the entrance fee.
Sleeping is in tents. The participant will bring a tent or can rent from us. Tent rental is HUF 2,000 / tent / night

Transportation of luggage
Transporting a big bag with your belongings not needed during the paddling, plus a mat, a sleeping bag and your personal tent is included in the entrance fee.


We will provide filling, hot dinners for evenings 0., and 1. plus breakfasts for day 1. and 2. and unlimited drinking water, soda water, coffee and tea.
Food during the day is your responsibility. Please bring your special isotonic drinks and energy bars with you, as these might not be available in the local supermarkets. 
You can buy your own food in Slovak and Hungarian towns near the camps; EUR and HUF accepted.
After the finish, dinner is available in Szob in non-expensive restaurants (this is not included in the entrance fee). 
Please inform us about your food allergies when you apply.

Application and payment

Entrance fee is HUF 24,000 per person
Finishers of 2019, 2020 IGP will get 10% discount from the entrance fee
We will then send a confirmation e-mail and the bank account details where the full amount of application fee plus the rental fee of the boat and tent  – if any – are to be transferred. Application is complete when these fees are transferred and we have acknowledged safe receipt.
The maximum number of participants will be 25 people.  Applications will close after the first 25 participants have paid the entry fee. (The minimum number of participants is 10 people.)


Time-recording: We will record the starting and the finishing time of each boat each day and the interval between the two will be the daily time result.  Adding the times for the two days will give the final time result, ie for how many hours, minutes and seconds the 100 km course between Balassagyarmat and the Danube was completed.
Time limit: 22 hours in two days
Prizes:  Each participant who completes the challenge within the time limit will receive a certificate and a medal. Participants completing the challenge over the time limit will get a certificate. The overall winner will be the boat that completes the course in the shortest time, regardless of the number of crew; a cup will be presented to this boat.
Overtaking: If a boat catches up with another one, the slower one has to give priority to the other unless the slower one is going over an obstacle and unable to give priority.
Helping each other: participants can help each other overcoming the obstacles. Accepting assistance from non-participants is not permitted. Failure to observe this rule will result in immediate disqualification.
Overcoming dams & water stations: It is strictly forbidden to paddle over the man-made concrete stations. There are seven such dams on the course. Regardless of the state of the station participants are strictly obliged to take the boats out of the water on the stairs before the dam, carry on land by hand and put back to the water only after the dam via the stairs. Failure to observe this rule will also result in immediate disqualification.
Overcoming the natural obstacles: At some points, the course will be blocked by fallen trunks and flotsam. It is forbidden to relocate these to hold up others.
Littering and harming nature is forbidden. Organisers will not use plastic utensils and bottles. Bring your own water bottle that we refill. The amount of litter must be zero or minimum. Litter collected during the day must be transported to the end point and sorted where the organiser will collect and recycle.
Fishermen: We love fishermen, we greet them, and we avoid their fishing lines.